How to amend commits using SourceTree/CLI

Amend commits

Git is an excellent tool to safely develop applications with total control of our source code. It can be used to track changes, collaborate with others and save your work in remote in servers that GitHub or Bitbucket offer us. But all people have bad days and mistakes can occur at any moment. Luckily, Git implements some mechanisms to fix all those commits that you pushed with a wrong identity, really bad messages or you just want to remove them forever.

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What is a Game Jam and why you should participate in one


There is always a good reason to face a new challenge, but sometimes you just don’t know what could be a good one. As programmer you have a bunch of opportunities that sometimes can overwhelm. Should I create a new app? What technologies should I choose? What if my idea is not original? How big this new project should be?

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Welcome to CodePull

Welcome! This is the first post of CodePull, a blog project that I wanted to arrange long time ago. Let me introduce myself, my name is Alejandro and I’m a software developer. I’m passionate of last technologies, best practices and all topics related to Computer Science… and yes, I can consider myself a geek 🙂

What I’m looking for by creating this blog is a place to share my knowledge or experiences that could help you out someday. All the topics are welcome and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Also, I’ll try to find some collaborators that like me, they would like to spread their skills or thoughts using this platform. Everyone is welcome in this blog!

Please join me in this adventure and, if you like the content you see or have any questions, just add some comments so I can hear you!

And, of course, thank you for visiting us!